Hello, today I want to present my review of the Arctic Dolphin Crea Mechanical Squonk.

it’s a nice looking squonker!

For clarification:
I bought this mod in June 2018 on FastTech because I wanted it. For a laughable price of 18€, yes, you read that right.

Most of my mods and attys get used and abused extensively, if they last longer than a year, it’s already impressive. My wife as well as my closest friends, whom I proudly converted from smoking, have permission to use most of my stuff. Which sometimes results in dead mods and beat up devices. We also have a “community vape cemetary” kind of thing going. I hate obsolete stuff so I think it may be worth to look for older gear, that is cheaper by now, if one knows if it’s worth it. I’ll do my best to give you my unbiased opinion.

Again, I want to highlight a product, that still works after being used for over a year.

This time around and still alive, the Arctic Dolphin Crea Mechanical Squonk.

sleek af

!!This is a fully mechanical mod without any protections, be sure to know your ohm’s law and battery safety!! I don’t recommend a total beginner to start out with mech mods, I didn’t because I like my hands and face where they are. Be safe people!

**Package contents:**

  • The Mod itself (duh)
  • 1 Crea BF RDA
  • 7ml squishy Silicone Bottle
  • Warranty & Warning Card


I have the black and white one, there’s also black, blue and orange but some are hard to get by now. The Crea is made out of white ABS, the doors are matte black Polycarbonate. It’s rectangular shaped and the button is on the front, while the squonk door is on the right side. Squonking and thumb firing is not possible for the right handed. Not a problem for me since I’m used to firing after squonking like pavlov’s dog afraid of dry hits.

Both doors fit perfectly without any gaps or rattle, they are held on by 2 big ass magnets on per door and will not move anywhere without human intervention. The 510 plate is 20mm wide, the whole Mod is only 25mm in width and barely higher than an 18650 battery, measuring 81.5mm in height.


This thing is tiny, seriously so tiny, it can vanish in my shirt pocket so well, not even the atty on it is visible from outside. The 510 is not spring loaded so you have to adjust it with a flathead screwdriver before using your desired atomizer. Polarity does not matter with this one so I use it positive down just in case. The Crea is 18650 only, I love 21700’s and their battery life. But for this mod, it’s good as it is. The size makes it, so I can hit it really stealthy without anything but my big hand being visible. It’s very lightweight too which lead to a lot of drops out of aforementioned shirt pocket before I got used to it. Thankfully, I have a PC top cap on the Hadeon, which thrones on the Crea most of the time.


Dents and scratches on the bottom side where it landed.


I take the button apart every five months or so, it’s secured with a washer from the inside.

Everything can be taken apart, but be aware, since the mod is so small, it’s finnicky to get back together if you have big or not steady hands which I both do.

The contacts inside are silver plated but the button itself tends to get arcing marks and needs cleaning, thankfully, it tells you when it wants cleaning because the button gets warm. Or hot if you refuse to clean.


My extremely in-depth scientific testing (me vaping…) could not detect any really noticeable voltage drop. That can change when the button needs cleaning again… It hits the same as my broadside tube with a fresh VTC5a which is impressive for this lightweight mod. The round fire button is made of SS (I think) with a nice ring texture giving a good grip and a brass ring around it. It is lockable, turn it clockwise to lock it, counterclockwise to unlock. Not once has it accidentally fired on me, not even unlocked. I still feel safer with the clicky one of the Thunderstorm, if you happened to read my last review.

The 7ml squonk bottle is a very soft silicone, one has to be careful if not using a Mjölnir RDA. I would have liked a touch stiffer but I’m rotating squonk bottles anyway so it’s not a big deal for me.



  • It’s tiny
  • So lightweight, you forget it’s there
  • Lockable Fire Button
  • Hits good
  • Looks nice


  • Button needs cleaning now and then
  • Prone to losing since so small and lightweight…

That’s about it folks, for a review of the Arctic Dolphin Crea RDA, please go here where it has been reviewed in u/IPDN‘s squonkuary series.

If you’re interested in the Arctic Dolphin Crea, as always, here’s the Link(s):

Authentic Arctic Dolphin Crea 18650 BF Squonk Mechanical Box Mod Kit
Authentic Arctic Dolphin Crea 18650 BF Squonk Mechanical Box Mod

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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