Hello dear reader, today I present you my review of the Vaporesso PodStick refillable PodSystem.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Vaporesso, that will in no form influence my opinion or the outcome of this review. As always, I’ll give you nothing but my honest thoughts. Also, these are my opinions, please do form your own from all the info you can get elsewhere too.

My unit is marked “sample” so the package content may differ in the retail version.

Package Contents:

· PodStick

· 1x 2ml Patented CCELL Pod (1.3Ω , 9w-12.5w)

· 1x 2ml Meshed Pod (0.6Ω , 17w-22w)

· Micro-USB Cable

· Small fill bottle (10ml)

· Manual

Authentic Vaporesso PodStick 900mAh Pod System Starter Kit
Vaporesso PodStick 900mAh Pod System Starter Kit


This thing is seriously tiny, it can vanish in my hand without a problem. It’s a pen styled pod and a good looking one. Vaporesso was so kind to send me the full black version, the backlit fire button and the Vaporesso Podstick branding are in a gold or brass tone. 5 LEDs show the battery level. The Pod sits at the top and is a fixed unit with the coil, which come in two versions, more on that later. The USB charging port is in the bottom plate and besides the Vaporesso “V” on the back of the PodStick theres not much going on visually. No 80’s prints on this one like on some pods, thanks Vaporesso. They even went as far as giving you a shiny silver micro-usb cable so this is definitely made to look elegant, I would have preferred a longer one instead but who cares really. It comes in six different colors so there should be something for every preference.


5 Clicks on the fire button turn the Podstick on, thankfully they went with this method over draw-activation which can lead to so many unwanted scenarios. The 5 clicks prevent accidental turning on which makes the PodStick even more portable. You can’t go drive a motorcycle with a draw-activated pod system for example, the wind will activate it and at best it just burns out the coil then. Three clicks to cycle through the three power modes. The backlight of the fire button shows the three modes in green, blue and red, green being the highest output. The button is nicy and clicky albeit tiny and did never not react in the time that I used it.


The pods are opened with a press and slide system which works well enough, the pods are disposable so no need to worry about that wearing out. The PTF system which I suppose means push to fill works as long as you don’t pour loads of liquid at once. The included 10ml fill bottle has a stiff tip to make mess free filling even easier and I got to give it to them, it just works.

MTL: I tried the MTL Pod first because, as always with MTL, it’s just not my jam so I like to get that out of the way first. The 1.3 Ω CCELL Coil works beautifully and was more enjoyable than I first anticipated. Flavor is ok for MTL I suppose, not kayfun level but enjoyable at least.

It also has no problems keeping up when chain vaping which I pretty much do all the time with MTL devices. I used  50/50 and 60/40 PG/VG juice with 10mg salt nic and the coil is still good after 15ml so that’s a nice performance imo.

DTL: The 0.6Ω mesh Pod and I had a rather bad start, I filled the pod with my usual 2mg juice and waited half an hour to give the cotton time to saturate. I figured, since the coil is so small and this is mesh, the cotton has to be packed insanely tight in there. I was right, I started out on the second power level and while it had no problems with wicking, there just wasn’t a lot of flavor. I upped the power level and it did improve things a little, but not enough yet. The culprit here is the tight packed cotton. Once you have vaped through two of the 2ml pods it gets significantly better. And it kept on getting better with the next 2 refills to a point where you wouldn’t think it’s the same coil.

I already vaped about 30ml through the mesh coil and flavor is starting to decline slowly now. That is frigging impressive and reminds me of the old Kanger Subtank coils, those also needed 2 tanks to break in but after that they could go on forever.

The only gripe I have with the DTL Pod is the proprietary drip-tip’s diameter is too small for a real DTL draw. It’s a restricted direct lung hit but no DTL, which is a bummer because they thought about making the airflow inlet bigger on this coil, but the drip-tip acts as a bottle neck.


  • Looks sleek
  • 3 Power Modes
  • Good flavor on the Mesh coil after break-in
  • Wife likes it (that may not be a pro for you)
  • Coil Life is fantastic
  • The PTF is really mess-free filling


  • DTL pod is hindered by the drip-tip
  • Battery Life is on the lower side


I’m genuinely impressed by the size of the PodStick, Vaporesso did a great job. At first I thought the battery must be out after 3 puffs but they managed to squeeze a respectable 900mAh in there, at least they list it as such. I have no way to test this but from the feel it’s closer to 800mAh but I may be tinfoil hatting here, it charges in around half an hour from dead to full. The Flavor on both pods is good, the mesh coil needs time to break in but I can live with that if the coil life is as stellar as it was with this one. The MTL is really nice and I think the size will appeal to every MTL vaper because it’s so very stealthy. I talked to Vaporesso about the DTL Drip-tip diameter and they told me they’ll forward the info to their engineers. If they address this would be really cool and make this a potential winner not only for the MTL users but for us DTL Vapers that want a mess-free setup for on the go.

There’s not many cons I can list with this one, besides that it’s so friggin tiny, you might just lose it and don’t even realize until it’s gone. Good Job by Vaporesso for making a really tiny pod system that works surprisingly well!

The Vaporesso PodStick is available on FastTech for 20$, which is a good deal in my opinion for a reliable tiny Pod System, as always, if you’re interested, here’s the Link:

Authentic Vaporesso PodStick 900mAh Pod System Starter Kit

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day 🙂

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