Hello dear reader, today I present my review of the Underground styled Mechanical Squonk.

I bought this mod in April 2018 because my wife wanted it. I know I know I know… this is device is a clone. But hear me out, I was on the hunt for an authentic one for a long time, the authentic is made by MCM Mods who most “high-end” interested people will know by now. They are located on the Phillipines and still operational as far as I know. The Underground Squonk is out of stock in their shop with a banner that says “Restocking soon” (I added the ). *Tinfoil hat theory*: MCM is in one way or the other affiliated with Blizzard, because the first time I looked at this banner stating “soon!” was in 2017.

Bottom Line: I gave in and bought it for her and I’m getting ahead of myself but, oh boy am I glad I did.

Underground Styled 18650/20700 BF Squonk Mechanical Box Mod

Product living conditions: Most of my mods and attys get used and abused extensively, if they last longer than a year, it’s already impressive. My wife as well as my closest friends, whom I proudly converted from smoking, have permission to use most of my stuff. Which sometimes results in dead mods and beat up devices. We also have a “community vape cemetery” kind of thing going. I hate obsolete stuff so I think it may be worth to look for older gear, that is cheaper by now, if one knows if it’s worth it. I’ll do my best to give you my unbiased opinion.

Again, I want to highlight a product, that still works after being used for over a year.

This time around and still alive, the Underground styled* Mechanical Squonk

dat Bling

!!This is a fully mechanical mod without any protections, be sure to know your ohm’s law and battery safety!! I don’t recommend a total beginner to start out with mech mods, I didn’t because I like my hands and face where they are. Please be safe people!

Package Contents:

· The Mod itself

· Silicone Squonk Bottle

· Minimalistic Battery Adapter


Loads of gold. The Underground Squonk is made out of (in my case white) POM and Brass, which I both like very much material wise. POM is my undisputedly favorite Drip Tip Material, I’m fairly uneducated about plastics so I don’t really know why, I just love the feel of it, it also doesn’t get as hot as others do in my experience. The brass is lacquered to prevent tarnish, so no rough polish for this one or the clear coat will wear off and the brass will begin to tarnish, which we don’t want for this mod, at all. The Brass on the original one is polished, at least on the sides and top and is shiny af, but it is also a fingerprint magnet. For the price of this mod, I’m very happy about the fact that there even is a clear coat.

This is a really interesting design, the top fill battery cap inevitably reminds me of the Pico series we all know and love, the similarities end right there though. As stated above, this one is fully mechanical and the fire Button is located at the top, which is a nice touch, me likey. The way you hold it you’re going to be squonking with your middle or ring finger which Is not the most comfortable if you have big hands like me, but it’s certainly not bad. Even the button follows the gold theme, the actuator itself is made out of ultem. A lot of rough edges appear when you look at it, the squonk “door” is extremely well designed and follows the overall theme which is lines and corners. It’s held on by 4 tiny magnets on each side, it snaps into place and holds well, the magnets could be better though. The appearance of the mod is, for a clone this cheap is ok, there are a few machining marks on the brass, but it is what is is. The lid of the squonk bottle is just a tiny bit visible under the door, it didn’t bother me or the wife so bad to switch to another bottle though.

There is a small gap between the squonk door and the top body, which is the biggest visual flaw, you can see it in the photos.


The rough edges are… surprisingly comfortable to hold and don’t get in the way of the user experience. The Underground has some weight to it but it’s not too bad and with this con comes one of the biggest pros, the Underground Squonk, although designed a few years ago, is 20/21700 and 18650 battery compatible. No need for interventions there Jeff.

The battery cap that is also the fire button is a neat design, it has ridges, which are the only thing from preventing me from screaming out loud when opening it. I’m overreacting, but I’ve had more comfortable battery caps to unscrew. Due to the contact design at the bottom, which is a flattened dimple, the battery should go in positive side up, it works the other way around but it makes me uncomfortable because I fear the positive plate of the battery will get warped. There are venting slots so big that you can see the battery. Bonus matchy matchy points for a golden wrapped 40T? Thanks you Vapcell.

This button is the true beauty of this mod, asides from all aesthetics. Inside the battery cap is an Ultem disc epoxied(?) to a stainless-steel ring with a bit of Delrin in between which is good to prevent heat issues. This top part is mounted on a big ass spring which one can shorten a little to fix the “long ass throw” if it bothers him. The bottom plate of the button is SS too and the whole thing is held together by a threaded Delrin part. Due to the design of the connection, arcing is virtually impossible, which prevents the marks we all hate and saves on cleaning time. I love it! It was a little crunchy at first but cleaning all the button parts and the threads of the Delrin part with a soft steel-brush got rid of that. It’s buttery smooth and springy and has been for a long time.

Switch Parts

The top plate has an o-ring around the, not spring loaded, 510 to prevent leaking into the Mod which is nice too. It fits up to 25mm Atomizers and should be used with at least a 24mm to not look silly imo, but this is entirely subjective ofc.


Scratches on the bottom of the squonk door from a drop onto concrete


None Thankfully

Usage: My extremely in-depth scientific testing (me vaping…) could … this time, detect a small bit of voltage drop, but nothing out of the ordinary. Not OG Pulse levels of energy loss but if you vape dual coil and have a few hard hitters it’s noticeable, but nothing that building ever so slightly lower couldn’t fix. The Squonk bottle is on the squishier side but the juice doesn’t shoot out violently out of the top. It’s good quality silicone and the most important, completely odorless. The looks may not be everybody’s cup of tea but I kind of like it. The one thing I don’t like is that I got robbed by my own wife. I didn’t think ahead and get her a perfect matchy RDA (yes, shame on me) so she took my brass Goon 25, and since that day, I only ever see it if it needs to be rebuilt.


  • 21700’s
  • Beautiful
  • Arcless Button Design


  • Big for a single battery squonker
  • 510 not spring loaded
  • Rough machining on some parts
  • Clone

Photo Dump


The Underground BF is built like a tank and really offers a lot of aesthetics for the money spent, if you like it aesthetically and can live with adjusting the 510 there is not much negative to say about this one.

This clone was a good buy, I admire the button design and the wife loves the bling factor. I will keep my eyes open for an authentic one, although not the white version then, but at a 250-300$ price point for the authentic I’m happy to say that this clone succeeded to excite me enough to search for the authentic one even more.

If you’re interested in the Underground styled BF, as always, here’s the Link:

Underground Styled 18650/20700 BF Squonk Mechanical Box Mod

That’s about it Folks, if you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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