Hello dear reader, today I present you my review of the Bohr Flask refillable Pod System.

This product was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Bohr Vape, that will in no form influence my opinion or the outcome of this review. I used the Bohr Flask as long as I could, and will give you my honest opinion about whether or not it has a place in the ever-growing sea of pod systems. This is my first review of a pod system, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but I’ll do my best.

Also, these are my opinions, please do form your own from all the info you can get elsewhere too.

Package Contents:

· Bohr Flask

· 1x Reusable Pod

· 1x 1.2ohm ceramic MTL Coil

· 1x 0.4ohm Mesh DTL Coil

· USB Cable

18650 for scale


As the name already suggests, the Bohr Flask does indeed look like a small Flask, I got the black version and it’s also available in silver. The body is made out of brushed aluminum with a black plastic part above the screen with the BOHR Logo on it. The O-led Screen is screen and fire button at the same time, which is something I haven’t seen before. It’s also bright enough to read in bright sunlight without a problem, which is important since pod systems are mostly for on the go, at least for me. On the left side you find the adjustment button which inevitably reminds me of the volume adjustment buttons on smartphones. The Plastic pod holds 2ml’s of liquid and has a fairly large fill hole closed by the usual rubber plug. The liquid goes up and around in the hollowed mouthpiece of the pod which makes it easy to see your liquid level in the first half of the pod, after that you have to remove the pod to check. The coils are placed in the middle and liquid flows into them from the sides. You’ll find photos of the packaging and some products pictures in the Album if you are interested. I’m too lazy to write about a cardboard box.


The Bohr Vape website claims the Flask to be the “first intelligent Vape Pod System”, also “The Flask uses the SAGA Player chip which origins from the smartphone industry for Intelligent vape control.”

The usual protections including an auto off for the pod system are on board too. Thankfully the smartphone thing has not led to any Bluetooth or voice activation shenanigans. That could very well have happened, Bohr was in the smartphone industry before they started making vapes according to the company info.

Three clicks on the screenbutton buttonscreen cycle through the different modes which are essentially just one… Power Mode with different parameters on the screen. Wattage, Voltage or Amperage are shown depending on the mode, the first two also name the respective modes. The Amperage mode is called “play”, Amperage would have been too long for the menu layout is my guess. You can go up to 20 watts, 4.20 Volts or 7 Amps with the DTL Coil installed.  The screen shows either of the power parameters, the active Mode and Coil resistance. Overall a lot of adjustment possibilities for a pod system, thumbs up for that.

The battery lives up to the 1150mah claim, I only had to charge it once after the initial charge which is impressive for such a small device imo. After using the Flask for a full day, there were some drops of liquid under the pod but nothing too crazy, still worth mentioning. It’s probably better to keep it upright and not flying around in a bag.


MTL: I tried the MTL Coil first because I knew I won’t like it, but that’s not on the pod system. I tend to vape airy, C4, Hadeon and a lot of Dual Coilers are usually my go-to’s. On certain days I like a very restricted lung hit but that’s about it. Sooo, surprise surprise, I didn’t like it, but I know how MTL should taste and that’s the part where I was severely underwhelmed by the ceramic coil. I normally DIY my juice, I went as far as using severely overflavored store bought juice, which was just the right amount of flavor with this coil. I used  50/50 and 60/40 PG/VG juice and the wicking kept up just fine at 8 watts, 9 is the highest you should go. Thankfully they printed recommended wattage on the coils, which is always good! Coil life is also good on this one, I already put around 12mls through it and it hasn’t changed so I think it could still go.

DTL: Muuuuch better… So much better! The Mesh Coil is where it’s at for me, I used the same juices and the flavor was honestly… astonishing. As I mentioned before, I can’t really compare it to a pod system right now but if you know the DPRO Mini RDA, you know the draw. Fairly restricted lung hit and very dense vapor, which is something I’m not used to from mesh in general. Flavor wise, I have nothing to complain really, nearly DPRO Mini level, a slight bit more diluted maybe. The lifespan was more of a problem and I think this is due to the choice of going with 0.4ohm coil, the wicking just couldn’t keep up even at only 12 Watts, the coil was done when I was done with my third filling. 6ml are gone fast with a 0.4ohm mesh coil. There was only one coil of each included so I cannot say for certain if every coil is like this, also I can only review what was sent to me.


  • Looks sleek
  • Good Battery Life
  • Adjustable Wattage + Modes
  • Very good flavor on the Mesh coil
  • O-led Screen doubles as fire button
  • Wife likes it (that may not be a pro for you)
  • MTL Coil life is ok


  • Slight pod leaks
  • Ceramic Coil flavor was lacking
  • Mesh coil life was too short


For a new vape company, this is not a bad start at all if you ask me. The MTL Coil wasn’t my cup of tea and It’s a shame the coil gave in so early and there’s still lots of room for improvement.  The flavor of the DTL Coil already had my wife tell me to order some coils for the Flask. So, I guess we’ll continue using it in DTL Mode, if anything of interest surfaces over time, I’ll update this post! My recommendation to Bohrvape would be to maybe use a 0.6 or 0.8 mesh coil for the DTL option, 0.4 seems a little low for the amount of air.

Would I buy the Bohr Flask? If the DTL Coils get an update or in case I just had bad luck with it, yes.

That’s about it Folks, if you made it this far, thanks for reading and thanks again to Bohr Vape for sending me the Flask Pod System.

Take a look at https://bohrvape.com if you’re interested in their products.

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