Hello dear reader, today I present you my review of the Vapefly Jester rebuildable Pod.

Disclaimer: This product was kindly sent to me for the purpose of this review from Fasttech.
Thanks Fasttech for supporting the reddit community by providing the product for the Review!!

That will in no form influence my opinion or the outcome of this review. As always, I’ll give you nothing but my honest thoughts. Also, these are my opinions, please do form your own from all the info you can get elsewhere too.

This is going to be a fun one but a long one too, I was waiting for my first rebuildable Pod for a long time now!

Package Contents:
· Jester Pod
· 1x 0.5Ω Mesh Coil Pod
· 1x Rebuildable Pod
· Micro-USB Cable
· 2 Coils (labeled! 1Ω 28g Kanthal)
· Vapefly Firebolt Cotton
· Goodie Bag with T-tool, replacement gaskets, o-rings and screws.
· Manual

The Jester is another Pen Style Pod system, top load for the Pods, rounded shape and comes in various prints. The prints are very 80’s style and are probably a love it or hate it thing. I got the eponymous Jester print which is some cross between the Joker and the Green Goblin. As the Jester pretty much vanishes in my hand I couldn’t care less about the print, also there are plain black and silver versions available. The Surface is rubberized which gives a nice grip and the fire button sits flush so the risk of pocket-firing is minimal even when turned on.

5 Clicks on the fire button turn the Jester on, thankfully they went with this method over draw-activation which makes it that much better. I’ll spare you my rant about draw-activated devices this time. Three clicks to cycle through the three power modes, or two if you use the mesh pod. Purple is 3.3V, Blue is 3.8V and the green mode that’s only available for the DIY Pod is running at 4.8V. The 1000mAh battery charges from zero to full in about 45mins which is good in my book. The Pods are held in place by a lock and there are two buttons on the sides to press to release. This works beautifully and holds the pods in place at all times.

The Pods

Mesh Pod: The 0.5Ω Mesh Coil Pod performs well, I like the draw which is a rather restricted DTL, I had no problems with wicking after only 5 minutes of letting it soak up the juice. It was clever by vapefly to locj the 4.8V mode for this pod, as it would probably burn the cotton really fast, you get a really warm vape using the 3.8V setting. Flavor is good on the mesh pod, not out of this world but I could easily vape this all day and did not feel cheated for flavor afterwards. No problems with chain-vaping either, other than that you have to refill the pod soon, which is a bit of a hassle with the hinged top cap on the mesh pod. You have to take it out of the jester to open it comfortably, while you’re at it, also pull out the gasket completely so the air can escape while filling it up. 10ml’s of really sweet glazed donut juice in, the flavor is falling off a little but still wicking great. Overall a nice job except for the hinge design.

tl;dr: Mesh pod is good, coil life is ok, filling is a hassle.

This is what I was waiting for, a rebuildable pod that I can tune to my liking. Before I start the praise, lets get the cons out of the way. You have to plan or know your builds because unlike the pasito, the jester has no 510 adapter so you have to build on the Jester itself. My second and last con is totally on me, I would have liked a hair more airflow or just a slightly bigger hole in the mouthpiece.

Can we start the praise now please? Ok, you asked for it.
Vapefly calls this the DIY Pod, I call it the RDTPod. The moment I looked at the deck I was reminded of good old RDTA’s that have kinda zoned out of the mainstream vape industry. Thinking about it, it makes perfect sense for a pod system to use this system. Installing the coil is a breeze, I bent the coil leads around the generously sized screws and had no problems at all. I chose the lowest power level to pulse the coil which also worked well. Not nearly as frustrating as some MTL RTA’s tbh, damn good job Vapefly.

My first build used the included 1Ω 28g Kanthal Coil, Vapefly also packed a fat wad of firebolt cotton that should last for a solid three months of rebuilding this. There is a small hole in the deck for air to come in so you can stuff the juice channels completely. That’s exactly what I did, I used a rather big strip and raked it out so it’s nice and fluffy. Perfomance with this coil is good, I really like it on the 3.8V power level, it’s a comfortably warm vape. Warmer than most pod systems I tried yet. Good doesn’t sound like praise does it?

Well that is because the coil Vapefly included isn’t bad, but it’s an insult to the capability of the Jester itself. After two days of sweet Juice I had to change the wick and decided to try something else, to make use of the 4.8V power level that was too hot for me with the included coil. I built the Jester with a VV Superfine MTL Fused Clapton NI80 32ga*2+38ga 1.2 Ω. This was one of the better decisions of my life if I may hyperbole.

Holy fucking shit, a pod system has entered the City Hall of Flavor Town!!!! I was blown away, to say the least, poppy, warm and a really good resolution, dense. Soo, I tell you flavor great but why should you believe me?

Well, you just fucking should this one time. I’m normally rotating between King Hadeon, Mjölnir the destroyer of o-rings and the Nudge 24 which are all flavor bangers imho. And the only time I didn’t use the Jester in the last days was when it was charging. It does support pass-through, I just don’t like to use a vape while it’s plugged in.

I put four of my favorite juices through the Jester by now and let me tell you, it’s restricted for a DTL vaper, but easily the best vape I got out of a pod system so far. Warm flavourful dense vapor, not Dpro mini density level but close to it. If you want a little more airflow like me, build the coil a tad higher, that helps. I also read u/pizzadave80’s Review, thankfully I never had a problem with the deck flooding or leaking. In fact, it hasn’t leaked a single drop and I’m positive that I could juggle with the Jester without it leaking, might be the build, or maybe dave got a faulty unit.

Photo Album with Build

· Mesh pods good flavor and coil life
· 3 Power Modes
· Good flavor on the Mesh coil after break-in
· Wife likes it (but she won’t get this one)
· 1000mAh Battery
· Insane flavor with MTL fused Clapton in the RDTPod

· You have to know your builds and build on the Jester· I would have loved a tiny bit more airflow (subjective)

The Jester is my new King of Pod systems, all cons I could find are negligible because the performance is just too good to complain about miniscule things. The Mesh Pod performs well for people who don’t like to build. Battery life is good and the finish is grippy and the overall size is nice too. If you read some of my reviews you know I’m not one to praise lightly, but Vapefly impressed me by really nailing the Jester. I’ll certainly keep using it and for a pod system, I’d rate this a 9/10 easily.

Thanks again to Fasttech for sponsoring the Jester for this Review. If you’re interested in the Jester you can find it there under SKU 9700353 for just shy of 26$ with the code MAP for the black DIY Edition, the others are in the dropdown, you know the drill. If you’re also interested in the coils I used, those are SKU 9665659.

Or use those links:

Authentic Vapefly Jester 1000mAh VV Pod System Starter Kit (DIY Edition)
Authentic Vandy Vape Superfine MTL Kanthal A1 Clapton Coil Pre-Coiled Wire

If I forgot anything don’t hesitate to ask, I’m always open for constructive criticism. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! See you next time when another product gets tested by time and, me, ofc.

I quit cigarettes in 2016 thanks to vaping, after smoking 1.5 packs a day for 17 years. Since then, my health has improved tremendously. I have also built a solid collection of mods and atomizers. Now that I feel informed enough to review something, I want to give back something useful to this community that gave me so much valuable information when I started out. I’m going to review everything from a non- professional user standpoint. There is enough shilling out there. Unless stated otherwise, I bought most of my reviewed products so I’m not going to let anything but the test of time and ease of use determine the outcome of my review. I’ll give you my honest thoughts, whether you like them or not. Also, English is not my native language so I apologize for any jibberish.

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