I want to highlight products, that still work after being used for over a year. Most of my mods and attys get used and abused extensively, if they last longer than a year, it’s already impressive. My wife as well as my closest friends, whom I proudly converted from smoking, have permission to use most of my stuff. Which sometimes results in dead mods and beat up stuff. We also have a “community vape cemetary” kind of thing going. I hate obsolete stuff so I think it may be worth to look for older gear, that is cheaper by now, if one knows if it’s worth it. The products I review are worth it in my opinion, otherwise I wouldn’t review them. Yet, that won’t stop me from calling out the cons of each product in the slightest.

This time around and still alive, the Thunderhead Creations Thunderstorm BF Mechanical Squonk.

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!!This is a fully mechanical mod without any protections, be sure to know your ohm’s law and battery safety!! I don’t recommend a total beginner to start out with mech mods, I didn’t because I like my hands and face where they are. Be safe people!

**Package contents:**

  • The Mod itself (duh)
  • 1 Thunderstorm BF RDA
  • 18650 Adapter Tube
  • 8ml Silicone Bottle
  • Spare screws for the RDA
  • Manual & Warranty Card


The Thunderstorm squonker body is made of black PPS, which is a highly thermal resistant plastic with a kind of cristallized texture. It has a very nice glossy yet grippy finish, that I have not seen on other mods yet. The lockable square shaped button is made of Aluminium. It’s ergonomically shaped and the button and squonk door are on the same side, so you can squonk with your ringfinger and index fire, or just do both with your thumb. It has a THC Logo on the top, I mean, I like thc as much as the next guy, but I don’t need it on the top of my squonk so I sanded that off and repainted that small section in matte black. The “THUNDERSTORM” (why ALLCAPS? Idk…) on the squonk door is unintrusive and was allowed to stay.

Both doors fit perfectly without any gaps or rattle, they are held on by 4 small magnets on each door sides and snap into place with a somehow satisfying click.


This thing is BIG, for a single battery squonker at least, I like the size because I have big hands but it’s certainly not the most pocketable squonker on the market. If I want to use an 18650 I’ll take the Arctic Dolphin Crea, because that fits in my shirt pocket. This thing is made for 21700’s and that’s how I use it, with a Samsung 30T or 40T, depending on atomizer and build. Jeff texted, he is a happy camper.

The THC Thunderstorm has been my daily beater for my early shifts and has been dropped in and out of my truck countless times. It was lost and drowned in a puddle for an hour and other horrendous things that don’t need ever get public, but it’s still going strong. Also, thanks to the material I guess, it isn’t even scratched, but see for yourself in the album.That’s the beauty of mech mods in general but this one is exceptionally tough.


The contacts are your standard silver-plated copper, only copper for me since the silver wore off, that’s the most damage it has.


None, I clean it once in a while.


  1. Screw your favorite squonk RDA on it, if unsure check for shorts first on a regulated mod.
  2. Press button.
  3. Profit? I mean, delicious vapor is being produced.

For real, it’s a full mech and my extremely in-depth scientific testing (me vaping…) could not detect any really noticeable voltage drop. It hits ever so slighty lower than my vindicator with a fresh battery, which is my best hitting mech mod right now. Battery goes in positive down, which is a good thing in a worst case scenario, the + and – markings are still perfectly visible The button is lockable by sliding it up, it is recessed into the body so the risk of misfiring is very minor, even if unlocked. The locking feature works reliably and not once did it come loose by itself.

The 8ml squonk bottle is a very nice silicone, not too flimsy but soft enough, the squonk tube was not cut at an angle so I did that. The tube above the bottle is about 3-4mm long, so no room for wiggly tubes which is a good thing in my book. It squonks very generous so be aware of that.

I switch between dual and single coil RDA’S, the following things sit on my Thunderstorm regularly: Mjölnir, C4, Profile, Mad Dog v2 (underrated RDA), Vital and occasionally a Pulse 22. The 510 is spring loaded and a little over 25mm wide. The mod itself on the side where the atty sits is 28.5mm so you could technically use a 28mm RDA on it, should you? I’ll leave that up to you.

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i should clean it again…


  • 21700’s
  • Lockable Fire Button
  • Indestructible
  • Hits good
  • Looks nice


  • Big for a single battery squonker
  • Relatively heavy for a single battery squonker

So that’s about it for the mod, I won’t link to any vendors because since you found reddit you can find google, but wait…Wasn’t there something else in the box, or was it a bag? Who knows, that was last year after all…

It was a box, and in it was, the THC Thunderstorm RDA. To cite IPDN *sigh*.

It’s an Atomizer with a bf pin, 2 posts for dual coil with the screw coming in from the top through the post. Like a Kennedy but without the middle post and with side airflow slits big enough to suck a small bird though.

Where I live, we have a saying: “If you don’t have to say anything positive about somebody, don’t say anything”. I’ll use this saying for that atomizer.

If I forgot anything don’t hesitate to ask, I’m not a seasoned reviewer and open for critic. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! See you next time when another survivor will surface.


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