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Hello, today I present you a double Review: Geekvape Aegis 100W 1.5 year in & Geekvape Aegis Solo Kit Review

I bought the OG Aegis in September 2017 from FastTech because I wanted it, it was the first of many Aegis mods and the first water-, shock- and dustproof mod. I live close to a lake and am often out paddling so the buy was a no brainer, for 44€ on fasttech, it was a pretty good deal.

Also, I won the Geekvape Aegis Solo Kit in a Geekvape Giveaway on ECR. Thanks to Geekvape for the Kit!

Authentic GeekVape Aegis Mini 80W 2200mAh TC VW APV Box Mod Kit (Standard Edition)

Product living conditions: Most of my mods and attys get used and abused extensively, if they last longer than a year, it’s already impressive. My wife as well as my closest friends, whom I proudly converted from smoking, have permission to use most of my stuff. Which sometimes results in dead mods and beat up devices. We also have a “community vape cemetary” kind of thing going. I hate obsolete stuff so I think it may be worth to look for older gear, that is cheaper by now, if one knows if it’s worth it. I’ll do my best to give you my unbiased opinion.

Again, I want to highlight a product, that still works after being used for over a year.

This time around and still alive, the Geekvape Aegis 100W featuring the brand-new Geekvape Aegis Solo Kit that has been used extensively for a month at least, to give you a good impression of everything.

Package Contents:

Aegis 100W Aegis Solo Kit
Aegis 100W Mod Aegis Solo Mod
Micro-USB cable Cerberus Tank
18650 Adapter 2x 0.3 Ohm super mesh coil (we’ll see about that)
Spare parts pack Micro-USB cable
Manual Spare Glass
  Battery door assist tool
  Spare parts pack


100w: I don’t think the Aegis line needs a long introduction. I won’t tell you a whole lot about looks apart from that I got the Gunmetal version which has a camouflage leather insert on the back. I love the looks of every Aegis rendition besides the Legend.  

Solo: Geekvape was so kind to send me the blue version of the Aegis Solo kit. Mainly because it’s the wife’s favorite color but also because I dig the blue myself. The Aegis Solo is just like its big brother, sleek. The black leather back is shiny and pairs well with the bright blue panels. The Cerberus tank looks… well like a Subohm Tank with a serious beer problem, 25mm at the base and 27mm diameter of the bubble glass. Yes, it fit’s the baseplate of the Aegis Solo but the combination looks kind of top-heavy imho. The tank has a blue o-ring above the bubble glass which is color accent to match the mod.


100w: The waterproof claim was put to test a year ago here, when it was submerged in a drybag that didn’t live up to it’s name, my smartphone died in the process.  It was also dropped from a second-floor balcony into lawn, while a traitor friend tried to stop smoking and his drunk ass dropped it. A rugged mod it really is.

Obviously, going with 26650 batteries was a questionable choice by Geekvape, even in 2017, 26650’s couldn’t really deliver the power they should have had for their size. I wasn’t perfectly satisfied with the experience with the Aegis until I found a post on ECR by some good soul, god bless him, that informed me that Geekvape had released a 21700 battery cap for the Aegis 100w. I instantly ordered it and it made a good Mod, to a perfect one, with a Samsung 40T in there I can go all day and still have 10% battery life left. Big props to Geekvape for releasing that cap to make an already released Mod more useful.

Another fact about the 100w that I love is that the USB slot is hidden under the top plate, to get to it one has to remove two torx screws and the top plate, as well as a rubber plug which makes it waterproof. That alone is enough to protect the USB port from all the “internal charging” people, and thus increases the mods longevity by a lot.

Solo: It is indeed waterproof… Yes, I submerged it in the sink for a few minutes and it didn’t really bother. This rendition is not really any shorter than the OG Aegis, but it’s all around size has shrunk to fit an 18650 and boy, it’s small. And lightweight, I think especially the feminine vapers will be fans of that. I can’t recall how many times my wife said “yes but it’s too big/heavy” about one mod or the other. I never heard her say it about this one.

Damages: (100w)

Some minor scratches on the Display, nothing too bad, it really can take a beating.

Repairs: (100w)

None Thankfully


100w: I used this mod for nearly two years now, on and off, and it has never failed me once. It feels nice in the hand, the leather as well as the rubber sides. The fire button is clicky and the mod fires very fast, to the point that you can’t turn it off without heating your coil at least a tiny bit while doing the 5 clicks. The Menu is self-explanatory, three clicks to get into “highlight mode” then navigate to the parameter you want to change and click to select. The TC works pretty well on this one actually. I used a myriad of SS coils on it by now and I just upped the TCR from 91 to 95 to work well enough for me.

Solo: I used the Aegis Solo Kit for a little over a month now and I am still impressed by the power it puts out for its size. The power diminishes rather fast if you vape on 50w or more though, depending on the battery. I used mostly VTC5A’s in it which gave me the best experience, I also used VTC6 and 30Q’s when using it as a stealthy MTL vape with a Rose V3. You really have to carry extra batteries with this one, at least, if you want to go all day. The build quality on this one is great, as expected from Geekvape. The Screen is bright enough and the TC worked out of the box kind of. Thanks to u/Anthony_Vapes for pointing out the best TCR in his review of the Aegis Solo. I also love the battery cap design, as I did with the OG Aegis. What I don’t like is that the USB is open for charging but that’s kind of personal preference.


Now for the Cerberus Tank, I really tried to like it, please believe me.

I’m not here to trash things. But the first coil on it was a dud that burnt out on the first hit after priming it, filling the tank and letting it sit for the short period of 24 (yep) hours. The second one was okay-ish I guess, I put 100ml of liquid through it by now and it’s still good. But I DIY my juice and it’s rather clean and not very sweet. The flavor was severely lacking though, very dry and overall just not a nice experience. I mean its vapor and it delivers nicotine, but I pumped the power up to 50w when 40w is the recommended maximum and the flavor was still lacking. And I know mesh coils, I own 2 profile RDA’s and a unity. While those are not the flavor monsters per-se they beat the experience, I had with the Cerberus by a mile. I tried a lot of juices and it really seemed to struggle with wicking when over 85% VG too.

And while a Cerberus usually comes with three heads, if my memory serves correct, mine only came with two so I couldn’t test a third one.

Photo Dump

Pros 100w Cons 100w Pros Solo Cons Solo
Water-Shock-Dust Proof 26650 (21700 with battery cap) Water-Shock-Dust Proof 18650 Battery Life
TC works well   TC works well Tank didn’t impress me
1.5 Years in, works
  Battery Cap is great! USB accessible
Battery Cap is great!   Screen is bright
and big
Easy Menu   Easy Menu  
Leather Back   Leather Back  
USB sealed off      

That’s about it Folks, if you made it this far, thanks for reading! Many thanks to Geekvape for providing me with the Kit in the Giveaway and even more that you really sent the blue one!

The Aegis 100w isn’t available anymore, the Aegis Mini Kit is, if you’re interested, here’s the Link:

Authentic GeekVape Aegis Mini 80W 2200mAh TC VW APV Box Mod Kit (Standard Edition)

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